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Google fonts

  1. Work Sans
  2. IBM Plex (all families)
  3. Space Mono
  4. Libre Franklin
  5. Rubik
  6. Cormorant
  7. Fira Sans
  8. Eczar
  9. Alegreya Sans
  10. Alegreya
  11. Chivo
  12. Lora
  13. Source Sans Pro
  14. Source Serif Pro
  15. Roboto
  16. Roboto Slab
  17. BioRhyme
  18. Poppins
  19. Archivo (all)
  20. Libre Baskerville
  21. Playfair Display
  22. Karla
  23. Montserrat
  24. Proza Libre
  25. Spectral
  26. Domine
  27. Crimson
  28. Inknut
  29. PT Sans
  30. PT Serif
  31. Lato
  32. Cardo
  33. Neuton
  34. Open sans
  35. Inconsolata
  36. Cabin
  37. Raleway
  38. Arvo
  39. Merriweather
  40. Tangerine
  41. Dancing Script
  42. Bad Script
  43. Sacramento.
  44. Barlow Condensed
  45. Pathway Gothic One
  46. Fjalla One and Oswald.
  47. Abril Fatface
  48. Rozha One
  49. Ultra
  50. Zilla Slab
  51. Overpass
  52. Josefin
  53. Old Standard TT
  54. Gentium Basic
  55. Varela
  56. Rajdhani
  57. Bitter
  58. Nunito

Extra Google

  1. Peace Sans
  2. Marsek
  3. Bourbon
  4. Mosk
  5. Inter
  6. Nimitz
  7. Soulcraft
  8. Optician sans
  9. Morganite
  10. Understock
  11. Cast iron
  12. Aloja
  13. Space Grotesk
  14. Disclaimer
  15. New Transport
  16. Gilroy
  17. Public Sans (United States Web Design System)
  18. Titillium

Designers I look up to


Designers Italia

Designers Italia è il punto di riferimento per il design della Pubblica Amministrazione: guide, strumenti e un forum per favorire la collaborazione e promuovere il ruolo dello human centered design nello sviluppo dei servizi pubblici.


Khoi Vinh, Principal Designer at Adobe in his Own Your Content interview:

Students often ask me about what kind of work to put in their portfolios and my answer is: what kind of work do you want to do?

What I look for is work that reflects a great personal passion, whether it’s for a certain kind of client or industry, or a certain kind of subject matter or even a certain kind of problem solving.

I’d be much more interested in a portfolio full of made up projects that are representative of exactly what a designer wants to do more than anything, than I would be in a portfolio of highly competent but passionless work executed by someone who’s not thrilled by any of it.

The passion is the difference maker.

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